in God's waiting room 

the only way to avoid death was to face her life

​in a coma

It's exhilarating book about being trapped in a coma. Have you ever wondered what happens in a coma? Do angels minister in this state? Find out!

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- Elvin Gonzalez,  Fire Rescue Captain

- Carla MacArthur,  Paramedic and Care Giver

"Just finished the book. Couldn’t put it down. 
What re-affirmation that Christ is here and the beauty to come one day when we’re called to be with Him.  God bless you Mikey and Barb fo sharing that incredible story of hope in Christ with us.
Can’t wait for Arlene to get home so she can start reading it. "👍🏻

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"From the pits of hell, to heaven's door, and back again. Barbara tells her incredible journey from near death,  spending time with an angel, her Angel's message, to a new and changed life ." A must read!