in God's waiting room 

the only way to avoid death was to face her life

​in a coma

It's exhilarating book about being trapped in a coma. Have you ever wondered what happens in a coma? Do angels minister in this state? Find out!

Viewer Discretion: This trailer is the other version which perhaps best reveals  the horror of being trapped in one's own mind and struggle for survival.

 Isolated in a coma that trapped her in the cocoon of her own consciousness, Barbara experiences a different world, where every external sensation is transformed into a part of her own struggle for survival.  Knowing at some level in her psyche that she is at death's door, Barb embarks on a journey that seems to lead beyond the living. Along the way she meets a cast of characters, most of whom are symbolic of the real people in her life. But there are two encounters that are not with people of this world and they would change her life forever.

 "Each reader will have to decide for him or herself the meaning of Barbara's unconscious encounters. But there's no question they are profound and have major implications. for life and death."

 "Barbara's story might redefine the concept of a miracle."

 "An enthralling exposition of where the psyche meets the soul." This story gives hope, where hope has been lost.