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the only way to avoid death was to face her life

​in a coma

It's exhilarating book about being trapped in a coma. Have you ever wondered what happens in a coma? Do angels minister in this state? Find out!

December 14, 2018 Angels Help Us

Angels are said to minister to people at their most critical hour. I always wondered if that was really true until it happened to me.

During my coma, when Satan tempted me to sell my soul, something incredible happened after recanting the deal. Not only did I receive a second chance at life, but a miraculous healing. Read about it in my new book"In God's waiting Room" 

My story reminds me of the scripture when after being baptized by John the Baptist, Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights in the Judaean Desert. During this time, Satan appeared to Jesus and tried to tempt him. Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only." Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.

This scripture is found in Matthew 4:1-11 New International Version (NIV)

Angels in the Bible: 
Angels are mentioned 108 times in the Old Testament and 165 times in the New Testament. In the Bible, an Angel cooked meals for a profit and the Israelites ate angels' food. A donkey saw an angel and a prophet acted like a donkey and was almost killed by an angel. Angels fought  battles for men. A man wrestled all night with an angel. An angel saved one man from sacrificing his son a promise. An Angel was involved in a jailbreak and the man who escaped was mistaken for an angel.

Dr, David Jeremiah 

8 Critical Things to Do When A Loved One is in a Coma

Howard Rankin and Barbara Morello

 In our book Trapped Barbara Morello and I tell of her  experiences while she was  in a deadly coma fighting for her life. A coma means that someone is non-responsive to their environment but it definitely doesn't mean that the person isn't undergoing powerful and extraordinary change.  People in a coma might not be able to respond but they are still receiving sensory impressions that are interpreted by the brain and the subconscious and give rise to different stories and perceptions, which can have amazing effects. In Barbara's case those effects were healing, incredibly profound and miraculous.

 What we have learned from Barbara's incredible journey is that people in a coma can be seriously impacted by what is going on around them. They can pick up the vibes of others whether that is the impatience of a nurse, the support of a friend or the love of a family member. Those gestures and words permeate the psyche and contribute to, and even drive, the narrative that is playing out in the head of the patient. And that narrative has the power to heal or destroy as Barbara's story attests.

 So here are eight things to do if you have a loved one in a coma. How you act could make a huge difference, maybe even the difference between life and death.


 1. Be present and let the person know that you are there. Touch them lightly, talk to them.

 2. Understand that the person can hear and sense what is going on. Don't argue or be contentious (or denigrate the person, or hit on her boyfriend!)

 3. Be Calm and Positive. Don't convey panic or grief. Sadness is appropriate but not grief.

 4. Be aware of everything, especially sounds. What's on the TV? How about machines that are running? What about smells? All sensory input will be converted by the brain into a story so try to minimize jarring or "threatening" sensory input.

 5. Play music, but not the same thing over and over again. Choose music that might have positive associations. Introduce smells that have positive associations for the person, like flowers or foods.

 6. Be Mindful that many medical procedures like inserting catheters, tubes, etc., are likely to be painful and cause distress. Be ready to be comforting during and immediately after these times. Just because a patient does not respond to pain, does not mean he or she is not feeling it.

 7. Convey love by talking to the person with love, support and prayer. Also try drawing them out by updating them with visions of a positive future.

 8. Make sure they are comfortable in the bed and apply mouth and lip moisturizers when needed. A coma patient can feel their dry lips, mouth, air temperature, and the discomfort of their bed.

 Most of all, don't mistake a lack of responsiveness  as a sign of  mental inactivity. It is possible that his or her mind is very active and can be influenced by your words and actions. Who knows, they, too, might find miraculous healing.


"Barbara’s story was to be one of miraculous recovery. Hers was the third case of Influenza induced cardiomyopathy we had seen that month. Of the other two, one had died and the other had been transferred to the University Hospital for cardiac transplant, there was no reason to believe that her case would fare any differently.  She was comatose, on a breathing machine and on dialysis treatments since her kidneys had shutdown. Yet within a two day period of time she began to recover remarkably fast, by the end of the week she was talking, off the breathing and dialysis machines; truly a miracle." -- Dr. Jorge Busse, Barbara's nephrologist


What was the miracle? What happened in Barbara's coma to transform a woman at death's door to a person with a inexplicably healed heart? Read the entire amazing story In God's Waiting Room. Sign up today to find out more by completing the contact information here.